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Huge tits tranny Mariana Cordoba has another part of her body that’s huge, she’s a big cock shemale, with a cock that can rival even those of guys that hit on her.

She gets picked up a lot, and guys rarely realize what they have gotten themselves into when they talk to her, she never turns a guy down, but only when she gets a guy home does she reveal that she’s a big cock shemale. This guy didn’t mind and Mariana Cordoba had a sizzling hot shower with him followed up by hardcore bathroom sex that had them both cumming in no time.

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Big cock shemale Mariana Cordoba is always in the mood for new experiences, and she’s never had an Indian lover before, so she was happy to get her hands on a hard Indian cock and learn all there is to be known about what’s it like to handle one. With her hands on the Indian dick and the guy pleasing the big cock shemale with his hands, they jerked each other off before Mariana Cordoba bent over and let the guy ravage her ass with his hard Indian cock.

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Mariana Cordoba was always the one to try out new and different things, and this time she tried out a new two piece bikini set for the beaches. Big cock shemale had to give it a trial run first, in a sinful photo session in the local park. The top barely holds those big melons of hers in check, and her panties do nothing to hide the fact that she’s a big cock shemale. Long brown har and dark eyes paired up with the blood red lips and those huge titties out in the open, Mariana Cordoba is drop dead sexy tranny.

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With all of her lovers out of the town, big cock shemale Mariana Cordoba has to make her own fun. Since she was shoe shopping, she decided that she just might as well show them off, but she didn’t bother putting on anything else but shoes, here we see her pose with her tits and cock exposed as she stretches herself on the couch. This big cock shemale is a real dirty one, the photos show her take all kinds of slutty sex positions that reveal her assets as well as show off her shoes.

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Dirty dick loving big cock shemale Mariana Cordoba is horny again, and with nobody in the house to please her! That was never a problem for her, she’s got her PC and her webcam ready for whenever her dick acts up, and she’s quick to find a chat room where they could appreciate a big cock shemale that likes sharing photos of her jerking off. Mariana Cordoba’s cock is so big she can even fuck her own nipple if she bends over, that’s a show that you’re not likely to see anywhere else but with this extra slutty tranny.

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